Cereal & such Episode 10
Back at it again with episode 10 of our Cereal & such podcast. We chat with Andrew Sarlo, producer & engineer for Nick Hakim's, "Green Twins". Lilie B discusses her experiencing working on set of HBO's Insecure.

Good talk indeed.

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The Theo Show: "Nigerians Eating Nigerian Food"

Early Season 3 Episode. Shoutout to Anwar and shout out to jellof rice with the proper amount of spice and seasoning. Tyler ate eba for the first time.

Life is tight.


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Cereal & such Ep. 9 #ComplexCon Edition

what a time, episode 9. scroll through for the look at the chats with our friends.

think of this as a digital newspaper, with colorful tones and wizardly words.

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catch you on the next one.

- theo

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The Inspiration
Never forget.