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C&S –– slight restocks, etc

beautiful, aint it? new enamel pins from Cereal & such, along with a select few items restocked for your pleasure.

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Mardi Gras

Reminded me a lot of my summers growing up in Rhode Island. Puerto Rican Day Parade, Nigerian Independence Parade, Dominican Parade. There were dozens. We'd get fly and head to Broad St. or Roger Williams Park and just stand around, hoping the babes would see my outfit or just plain soaking up the atmosphere. After a while I stopped going –– I just grew out of it. But this go round was fun, it's been a nice reacquaintance with citywide cultural celebrations and New Orleans is a special place to celebrate. Fuck the beads and breasts, the culture is why it's done. Zulu was magical.

Incredible weekend with #krewedeniggas. What a wonderful debut Mardi Gras weekend.

No One Ever Really Dies

we held a listening session for n*e*r*d’s “no one ever really dies” album and asked attendees to leave notes on the provided track list as we went through it. 

listening to the album collectively with other friends, fans and newcomers was special. every time i hear the opening to the album i immediately think of that evening. what a good time. thanks to everyone for coming, i hope those mempties are with you too.

2010 was a (important) time.

Kanyeunivercity era. Birthed a bunch of us. Alot of careers too. Every blog post on that site was a home run. I think it's time to get back to sharing the process and perhaps, slowing it down for you to see the details. So here we are. Good Posture. Bookmark us and come back now and then. Looking forward to looking back at this.