Friendsgiving Playlist

Our love for music goes without saying. It's the lifeline of our work and our process. To commemorate the launch of our new site and to prepare you for the awkward dinner conversations this Holiday Season we've made our very own, "Friendsgiving" Autumn Playlist with an array of jams to suit everyone.

Press Play below and expect to see these more often.

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Cereal & such Episode 10
Back at it again with episode 10 of our Cereal & such podcast. We chat with Andrew Sarlo, producer & engineer for Nick Hakim's, "Green Twins". Lilie B discusses her experiencing working on set of HBO's Insecure.

Good talk indeed.

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The Theo Show: "Nigerians Eating Nigerian Food"

Early Season 3 Episode. Shoutout to Anwar and shout out to jellof rice with the proper amount of spice and seasoning. Tyler ate eba for the first time.

Life is tight.


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Cereal & such Ep. 9 #ComplexCon Edition

what a time, episode 9. scroll through for the look at the chats with our friends.

think of this as a digital newspaper, with colorful tones and wizardly words.

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catch you on the next one.

- theo