The 64 Tour


In 2013 I went on tour after a failed BET Promo Tour with Dorrough fell through. I asked my friend Drew if he'd be interested in helping me route the dates and he mentioned he had some acts he was managing that he could bring in exchange. "The 64 Tour" was born.

We did a dozen shows. Barely anyone was there, but they all loved the idea of playing Mario Kart 64. I dusted everyone. We brought NBA Jam & Smash Bros. Complete madness. I really enjoyed that time. I recently looked back at this tour footage and it made me smile, after everything I've created with Good Posture, etc it's awesome to see early signs of community.

We're holding court at Cereal & such with our very own Mario Kart party –– this time with some special guests. It's gonna be a good one.